Because of you, in 2022…

We are so thankful for your partnership and support over the past year! We have experienced incredible breakthroughs, profound provision, and favor in all we have done. See the highlights below!


A few weeks after the war in Ukraine started, I went with a team to Poland and crossed over into Ukraine to set up tents and distribute food and water while sharing the gospel – many gave their lives to Christ!

Congo Crusade

For four nights, over 75,000 people were in attendance and heard a clear gospel message. We are rejoicing because 21,692 people made a decision to follow Christ!

It was amazing to see so many people give their lives to Christ, but even more significant was the great unity that was formed within the city. 

Crusade Director Harrison Kiwone worked steadfastly mobilizing, training, and equipping the local churches and did an outstanding job helping to build unity within the city.  I have personally worked with Harrison, and one of the greatest joys within this crusade was to see Harrison step into his calling.  We were able to purchase him a car, and now he, along with his wife and two young children, are running full speed ahead in the calling placed upon their lives.  All of this was done because of your prayers and giving!

Christ for all Nations

We have been blessed to also work alongside collaborating, partnering, and spearheading projects with Christ for all Nations. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s heart is to help train and equip evangelists. He is an outstanding leader who raises up evangelists and allows them to build and grow alongside his ministry. With this covering over Jesus Fueled and being a part of the “CfaN Evangelism Alliance,” we are able to multiply crusades and outreaches at a rate that is unprecedented.

We believe that by partnering and collaborating with Christ for all Nations, we will see a great harvest for years to come!  Below are some of the collaborative efforts from joining forces with CfaN…

Williamsburg Crusade

This historic American town was shaken by the Gospel during this groundbreaking 3-day crusade! It was a powerful time in Williamsburg, Virginia – the birthplace of America!  During the three days, we witnessed 938 salvations, as well as countless miracles, including one man’s shoulder being completely healed (Please see the video below). 

Not only did we witness great miracles, healings, and demons cast out, but there was a lingering aroma of Christ left in the city. A few months after the event, there were several Williamsburg locals who flew down to Orlando, FL to attend the Christ for all Nations Fire Camp Evangelism Training.  Just two weeks ago, we heard a testimony of a girl who gave her life to Christ at the Williamsburg crusade, she got plugged into a local church and has now been baptized!  The Holy Spirit is STILL moving among the city!

I was able to bring my wife and kids with me to Williamsburg for the six weeks leading up to the event.  This allowed me to make strong connections with the local churches, unifying the body of Christ among the city in ways that have not been done there before!  Many hours were spent building connections and relationships with local pastors and churches, who became family!  God used all of us – including my wife, who was able to speak at the women’s meeting in one of the biggest churches in the city.   

We trained over 20 churches in evangelism while developing relationships with various churches in the area, united churches, and denominations, and witnessed many lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

Watch the recap here:

CfaN Crusade

I had the honor of being asked to preach at a CfaN Gospel Crusade in Zambia, Africa. They call these crusades “Operation Decapolis Campaigns”; it is where they hold multiple crusades simultaneously in one country to truly see a whole nation shaken for the gospel! I was preaching in a city called Kasama. I preached for two nights, and the other guest evangelist, Tyrelle Smith, preached the other two nights. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached one night on his way through.

There were many highlights from our time in Kasama, but one stand-out moment was on night 4. There was a witch doctor that was saved and burned all her witchcraft items.

Click this link to watch this powerful moment!


We have done over 15 outreaches in the last year in America with the gospel truck and even shut down Church Street in Orlando, Florida, for the Gospel to be preached.

Thank you for sending us into the harvest fields; what we are reaping is also your reward!